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Welcome to the Work Together Team Blog. We are a group of Etsy shop owners that have come together to help promote one another, share ideas and encourage one another.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Simple Introduction

The purpose of this blog is to feature members of our new team.  Try to get to know them, their business and show off their great work.  Along with the shop features I am hoping we will be able to do lots of giveaways.  Who doesn't love a good giveaway? 

I'm Amee.  I have a shop on Etsy  I started mixing my own makeup as just something fun to do.  I think all moms, especially those that are home all day, need something to get lost in.  Well, this is my mini vacation, I can just mix and drift away.  It's quite relaxing actually.

I started the Work Together Team because I feel like when you help someone else it comes back to you.  So, with that in mind I decided to bite the bullet and start blogging.  I will try to be consistent and make it fun.  I hope to bring new creations for you.  There is just so much out there in the handmade world that so many of us don't even know exist.

I would also like to acknowledge our team leader, Cindy from CeCrafts,, who has a very unique shop.  Are you looking for wall hangings, a tutu or maybe something for your sports fan.  She has a little of everything.  Tote bags, coaster sets and holiday items.  Great finds, you should really skip on over and check it out.

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